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RGBIC fantasy table lamp (set of two)

RGBIC fantasy table lamp (set of two)

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Introducing the latest lighting technology, RGBIC phantom table lamps (set of two). With its advanced RGBIC technology, you can easily control the color of your desk lamp through your mobile phone. No more settling for boring monochromatic lighting - with the RGBIC Color Table Lamp you can add a splash of color and set the mood for any space.

The RGBIC Desk Lamp has a unique design that makes it unique from other lamps. The lamp 's body and base feature stylish RGB mood lighting, adding style to any room. Whether you're entertaining guests or relaxing to yourself, this table lamp is the perfect way to add style to your space.

In addition to its stunning design, the RGBIC Desk Lamp also supports music interaction. This means the color of the lights will change depending on the music playing in the room. Whether you're blasting your favorite tunes or just listening to some background music, the RGBIC Desk Lamp will provide a visually stunning experience that perfectly complements the music.

Available as a pair, the RGBIC Illusion Table Lamp is the perfect addition to any game room. Whether you are a high-end gamer or enjoy gaming with friends, this fixture’s unique design and color

Special features:

Smart Home App Control

The RGBIC phantom desk lamp was developed by the UpHere brand. It uses the same smart home technology as Nordeco. It can be controlled jointly by UpHere and Nordeco's latest smart home system, Nordeco Home. You can use the smartphone app to control various light effects, including the phantom desk lamp. Color, brightness, change mode, etc. There are more than ten preset lighting changing effects to choose from, and the lighting effects are changeable and fascinating.

Symphony change mode

The RGBIC Symphony Desk Lamp adopts a novel luminous base design, which reflects with the lamp body. In addition to light colors, the Symphony Table Lamp also provides a variety of color change modes, including gradient, breathing light, magic light, rainbow light, etc. You can save the mode after setting it yourself and use it at any time. The Symphony Desk Lamp also has a variety of preset lighting modes for you to choose from, and you can set the lighting colors of different parts yourself.

Music groove support

The Symphony Desk Lamp provides 7 lighting rhythm modes to choose from. It supports real-time response to any music and game audio through the built-in microphone. The lights jump with the surging sound and dance to the beat of the music. Dynamically respond and enjoy sound visualization.

Multiple control methods

The Symphony Desk Lamp can be controlled using the Nordeco Home App or can be operated using the control buttons on the wire. At the same time, it also supports voice operating systems, such as Siri shortcut voice control, etc.

Other functions

Supports timer switch function, you can customize the time when the light turns on or off.
Supports linkage automation functions with other smart lamps, and can link and control multiple smart lamps simultaneously.

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