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RGB smart light bulb (9W WIFI model)

RGB smart light bulb (9W WIFI model)

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Nordeco's new RGB smart bulb (9W WIFI model) injects new vitality into ordinary lamps, allowing you to easily control the color, dimming, changes and other functions of the light using your various smartphones.

Detailed product introduction:

Support iPhone and Android phones

The RGB smart bulb (9W WIFI model) supports both iPhone and Android phones. Simply download the App and you can control the color, dimming, switching and other functions of the light with your smartphone.

Linked with other Nordeco smart light bulbs

The RGB smart light bulb (9W WIFI model) is developed using the TUYA IoT system. Like our other smart lighting systems , you can use the same App to control different lamps. You can also create scene modes to link with other lighting fixtures. For example, you can turn on all connected lamps with one click, etc.

Multiple colors and illusion changes to choose from

A variety of single colors and illusion colors are available, with adjustable light and dark functions, through remote control /App You can choose from a variety of dynamic modes, such as flashing, breathing, strobe, gradient, etc., and you can also adjust the brightness of the light.

Easy installation

It can be installed just like ordinary traditional light bulbs, without complicated installation steps.

Timing function

Use the built-in timer function to set the lights on and off at any time. For example, you can set the usage time for two hours before going to bed, and it will automatically turn off after you fall asleep.

music change function

The color of the light changes with the beat of music. It is most suitable to be placed in the living room or next to the TV as matching lighting. It is also the best choice for holding parties.

widely used

Widely used with customer service, these RGB smart light bulbs are perfect for decorating bedrooms, upstairs, kitchen, porch, computer desk and living room, holidays, Christmas, parties. This is also a lovely gift for your friends.

Support voice system

If you use Google and Amazon's voice systems, you can directly connect to the corresponding App to control the lamps with your voice.

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