about Us

Brand Concept <br>Founded by Jack Lam, Nordeco hopes to integrate Nordic natural concepts with Japanese minimalist design ideas through simple product design. Nordeco is a lifestyle homeware design brand whose core is fashion, nature and simplicity, aiming to redefine new styles of interior homeware design.

In the words of the founder, "Nordeco hopes to add some interesting and stylish homewares to our customers' homes, so that every home can become unique."

Product Design <br>Our design demonstrates the design concept of coexisting with nature, which is emphasized in Nordic products, while removing non-essential elements and implementing Japan's new minimalist style. All styles are specially designed and manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring we maintain a truly unique and inspiring range each year. In order to ensure the diversity and uniqueness of our products, our products will be regularly updated by a professional team.

Vision <br>What we do is not just designing beautiful home products. Nordeco's brand spirit is to integrate the natural and simple life concept into everyone's life through excellent products.