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Small space starry sky optical projector (comes with 12 high-definition films)

Small space starry sky optical projector (comes with 12 high-definition films)

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Nordeco Galaxy Starry Sky Light | Blue Light Star Limited Edition

Nordeco received many proposals from customers and specially launched a new version of the Blue Laser Star version.

It has the same function as the green light model and can be controlled using the Nordeco Home smart app, but the blue laser is closer to the natural starry sky effect.

feature of product

App control

Nordeco Galaxy Starry Sky Lamp now provides a new model with WIF control, which can now be controlled using the same APP as the Nordeco RGB Color Changing Base Floor Lamp (App-controlled version), making it easier and more convenient.

Many color variations

The galaxy effect comes in a variety of colors to match your home design and preferences, creating a romantic galaxy effect at any time.

USB powered

Nordeco Galaxy Star Lamp is powered by USB power supply, making it easy to use without worrying about voltage.

Lightweight and compact

The Nordeco Galaxy Starry Sky Lamp is small in size, 85mm x 165mm and 810g. The lightweight design allows you to easily carry it to different party occasions. It is especially suitable for background lighting combinations for various parties. It is even more beautiful when paired with Nordeco's colorful floor lamp. It is definitely not to be missed. !

More starry sky colors and light and darkness can be set

Nordeco Galaxy Starry Sky Light (WIF controlled model) can control more colors, light and darkness and changes through the APP, and can better match your various atmospheres and needs.

Custom variations and scene modes

You can choose different nebula color combinations and changes, and set and change them at any time in conjunction with the scene mode on the APP.

Timing mode

You can set the projection time of the starry sky lamp in the App, for example, set the projection time for two hours before going to bed, and automatically turn it off after going to bed, so as not to waste power.

Support SIRI shortcuts

Nordeco Galaxy Starry Sky Lamp (WIF control model) supports iPHONE Siri voice control, making it easy to control the switch, brightness and color changes through voice.

*App uses WIFI 2.4ghz connection. If the usage scenario does not provide WIFI, please choose the remote control model.

The color of the star is blue and cannot be changed

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Self-pickup address: Room 504, 5th Floor, Shun Fat Industrial Building, 17 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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One year technical support and parts maintenance

Within 1 year from the time the order is delivered to the destination, except for customized products, our orders will support technical support and parts maintenance. Please check the return and exchange policy for details.

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Small projection series

Real starry sky effect

Nordeco has received many proposals from customers for a blue laser version and is now happy to finally launch a new version of the blue laser star version.

Like the green light model, the blue-light Galaxy Starry Sky Lamp can be controlled using the Nordeco Home Smart App, but the blue laser is closer to the natural starry sky effect, fully enhancing your light experience. Human beings are always very interested in the vast universe. Have you ever thought about putting the vast universe into your room? Nordeco has newly launched a small cosmic starry sky optical projector with a real cosmic starry sky effect. It comes with 12 replaceable high-definition films, including high-definition projections of various planets, galaxies, and constellations, allowing you to indulge in the invisible dreams of everyday life at any time. in the universe. In addition to being a romantic starry sky projector, the Small Universe Starry Sky Optical Projector is also a teaching aid for children. It is also a good thing to cultivate children's curiosity about nature and the universe from an early age. What about parent-child activities?

*This projection product belongs to the small projector series and is suitable for a space of about 3 square meters.

Special feature

Comes standard with 12 high-definition slides

The small space starry sky optical projector provides 12 different types of projection films that can be replaced, including:

You only need to simply change it to project different light effects, bringing you an indescribable magical journey.

New design

Manual focus setting

Through the high-definition projection lens, you can adjust the focus effect of the slide film by yourself. Whether you want high-definition or high-definition projection effect, you can control it with one hand.

Silent motor rotation effect

The small cosmic starry sky optical projector provides the function of automatically rotating the projection effect, and you can manually control whether to rotate or not. The projector uses a silent motor to rotate slowly, simulating the flow effect of star trails.

Product parameters

Power supply 5v2a USB
Product weight 550g

*Comes with 12 interchangeable starry sky projection films

common problem

Does the optical projector have a remote control?

No, manual control is required

What is the projection range of an optical projector?

Optical projectors are projected through projection technology, and the recommended space is about 100-300 feet.

Does the optical projector comply with Hong Kong's voltage?

Nordeco's products are all compliant with Hong Kong voltage 220V plugs and can be plugged in and used.

Is there maintenance on my order?

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