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ZM Modular Desktop Screen Elevated Stand|Solid Wood Model

ZM Modular Desktop Screen Elevated Stand|Solid Wood Model

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Product Details

Nordeco officially cooperates with ZMCREAQUALITY to launch a multi-functional modular desktop screen elevated stand combination. The desktop screen elevated stand can provide a more comfortable height to place the screen, making your work more convenient.

There are 4 colors of screen heightening bracket, namely walnut color, white birch color, elegant white and elegant black. It also provides 2 sizes, respectively 95 (length) x 23 (width) cm and 115 (length) x 23 ( Width) cm.

ZMCREAQUALITY's screen extension stand adopts a multi-functional modular design. You can easily install a variety of accessories on the extension stand to suit different purposes, such as a laptop extension stand, a tablet phone holder and a headphone holder.

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Made of solid wood

Desktop screen elevated stand

Nordeco and ZMCREAQUALITY have updated their modular product line and launched a solid wood modular screen elevating stand. It has the same function but increases the overall load-bearing capacity to 60Kg. It is more suitable for those who need to place heavy computers or TV screens and other equipment at the same time. design.

The solid wood model adopts a straight-jointed design as a whole, and the elevated edges are smoother and more woody, which enhances the overall design feel and is especially suitable for those who like the texture of solid wood.
In addition, the solid wood model has a new color of carbon black to choose from. In line with the currently popular dark themes and dark modes, the integrated design language is more satisfying.

The new modular desktop screen elevated solid wood model is the same as the composite wood model. You can choose the accessories you need at will, while improving work efficiency and table design.

Special feature

New colors

Carbon black exterior design

The new modular desktop screen elevated solid wood model offers three colors to choose from, namely new charcoal black, walnut color and oak color.

The overall size remains unchanged:

95 (length) x 23 (width) x 12 (height) cm

115 (length) x 23 (width) x 12 (height) cm

*The stand is only available in black, with an inner height of 10 cm

Rounded edge design

The new modular desktop screen elevated solid wood model no longer uses synthetic environmentally friendly wood. The solid wood model is made of straight-joined logs. The edges of the elevated panel are as smooth as silk, showing off the original texture of the wood and making it more beautiful.

*True logs are made of more than one piece of logs, not a whole board of wood. Our company will try its best to use wood with similar colors and textures when producing. However, there may still be individual finished products with different textures and colors. This is a normal situation of natural wooden products and cannot be completely avoided. Please be careful when photographing

Strengthen load bearing

Due to the use of solid wood, the strength of the solid wood model has been greatly improved, doubling from the original 30KG of the plywood model to 60KG, allowing you to more confidently place the table products you need to place on the new elevated shelf.

Modular accessories

Easily install various accessories

The ZMCREAQUALITY screen increase frame adopts an expandable self-installation design. You can install different accessories and combinations to suit your daily needs. If you need to change the position and accessories in the future, you can dismantle and change the position at any time.

Product parameters

Panel color: walnut, oak, carbon black Bracket color: black Material: Solid wood imported from the United States straight-jointed design Panel size: 23 cm wide
Panel size: Length 95/115 cm Optional stand height: 10 cm
Overall height: 12 cm

Shop for modular accessories

Module accessories (can be purchased separately)

  • Mobile phone and tablet holder


    Height 4 x Width 1.8 x Length 5.5

  • Wireless charging stand

    Dimensions (cm) *Excluding charger

    Overall height 10 x width 7 x charging position length 8.5

  • solid wood pen holder


    Height 8 x Width 7 x Length 7

  • Notebook vertical storage


    Height 10 x Inner width 2.3 x Length 16

  • Laptop extension and elevated stand


    Bracket length 21 x inner width 28

  • Storage tray


    Length 18 x Width 10.5 x Height 3.5

  • metal drawers


    Stand length 22 x width 33 x height 4.5

  • Wire storage


    Inner height 2 x width 2.5

  • Headphone stand


    Width 5.5 x Height 17.5

  • ZM 模組化增高架配件 - Nordeco HK

    Storage compartment (long)


    Height 4.5 x Width 22 x Length 95

    *Only available for 115cm board length

  • 平板電腦支架


    高 4 x 闊 1.5 x 長 9.5

  • Stream Deck 控制台支架


    高 8.6 x 闊 1.8 x 長 11

  • RGB底座一對(炭黑色)


    高 5.5 x 闊 10.5 x 長 18.5

  • RGB底座一對(胡桃木色)


    高 5.5 x 闊 10.5 x 長 18.5

ZM 模組化桌面屏幕增高架 - Nordeco HK

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You can consider our synthetic wood styles, which have the same functions, more color choices, and a more approachable price.

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