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RGB music rhythm light

RGB music rhythm light

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Nordeco RGB music rhythm light (New upgraded model)|Make the rhythm visible

Nordeco brings you a new voice-activated music RGB rhythm light. The built-in high-sensitivity microphone can make RGB light changes according to the ambient music. 32 bright RGB lamp beads can create a variety of light colors, brightness, light changes and speeds that you can adjust. The RGB music rhythm light is a good accessory for your daily viewing of movies, listening to music or playing games.

Important feature upgrades

Built-in battery

Nordeco listened to the opinions of many customers and specially added a built-in battery to the new upgraded version of the music rhythm light. Equipped with a 1- meter long Type C charging cable, it can be easily and quickly charged using the same charging plug as your phone. It can be used for 2-3 hours after being fully charged, or it can be used while charging.

Wireless design, get rid of the constraints

The wireless charging battery design makes your computer desktop less cluttered and more tidy, allowing you to get rid of the trouble of charging cables.

Support APP control, multiple modes to choose from

In addition to being controlled by the three buttons on the body, the RGB music rhythm light has also been upgraded to be controlled by a dedicated mobile APP via Bluetooth technology. Compared with the original design, there are more color wheels to select colors, and more optional brightness and change adjustments, making it more playable and free.

New colors added, equipped with base

The rhythm lamp has two new appearance colors to choose from, namely metallic silver and metallic black, and is also equipped with a new design base in black.

Product Information:

Lighting: 18 colors, 32 bright RGB lamp beads

Overall dimensions: 181*16*18.5 mm

Appearance color: black/silver

Base: black

Weight: 86g

Power supply: 1 meter long Type C /rechargeable battery powered

Adjustable: speed, brightness and sensitivity

App: Supports Ios and Android phones:

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