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Nordeco colorful outdoor small ball light string (WIFI smart model)

Nordeco colorful outdoor small ball light string (WIFI smart model)

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In view of the many holiday parties approaching at the end of the year, Nordeco has launched our first outdoor colorful light string product, the colorful outdoor small ball string lights (WIFI smart model), allowing you to easily decorate the most interesting ones for your special holidays scene to enhance the party atmosphere.

The main function:

Fantasy color selection

Through our App, you can control the different RGB colors of the light string, and customize it at any time to match the theme and atmosphere of your party scene, creating a beautiful sense of ceremony! The light string supports color wheel changes with 16 million colors, allowing you to enjoy endless color experiences.

Music interactive function

The colorful outdoor spherical light string has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone. You can feel the changes in environmental audio and music through the microphone. Whether you are listening to exciting party music or relaxing soft music, the light string can change instantly with the rise and fall of the sound. The light string also supports 4 different change modes to choose from, making it more versatile and interesting.

Multiple change modes

The colorful outdoor small ball light string (WIFI smart model) supports a variety of preset mode changes. The App has a variety of specially customized modes built in, such as Christmas tree, fence, outdoor lighting, photo string, Christmas knot and other preset modes. choose. As long as you select the appropriate mode, the corresponding lighting options will be displayed immediately, such as rear-end, gradient, flash and breathing light effects. More preset changes will be gradually updated, so stay tuned.

IP65 waterproof specifications

The outdoor small ball light string supports special outdoor specifications for windproof, waterproof, coldproof and sunproof. Best for decorating your garden and outdoor landscaping. (IP65 is only limited to the light string, and is not supported by controllers and other components.)

WIFI linkage effect

The Symphony Outdoor Small Ball Light String (WIFI Smart Model), like our other WIFI smart lamp series, is developed using the TUYA system of the Internet of Things. You can use the same APP to control our other lamps such as RGB smart floor lamps and Galaxy Starry Sky Lamp Smart Model. , more convenient to control. The colorful outdoor small ball light string (WIFI smart model) supports timing mode, scene mode and voice control like our other smart lamps, and has a unified use experience.

USB powered

The small ball light string is powered by a low-voltage 5V2A USB plug, making it easy to use and portable.

Two length sizes

The Symphony outdoor small ball light string (WIFI smart model) comes in two length sizes, namely 5 meters with 33 lamp beads and 10 meters with 66 lamp beads, which can be selected according to the length and brightness you need.

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