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Unicorn rainbow lights

Unicorn rainbow lights

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There is a rainbow over there, tell me if you can give me my wish back~

We have all been amazed by the rainbows in our lives. Today Nordeco allows you to summon a seven-color dream rainbow at any time with one click. Add a touch of brilliance to your life, and bring you more hope and excitement every day.

Through creative projection technology, the most dreamy and unforgettable illusory colors of nature are brought to you.

The main function:

Symphony projection technology

Unicorn Rainbow Light provides innovative projection technology to ensure sufficient light source. Colorful light shines on the wall through reflection, and the angle can be adjusted at will to create different effects.

Two rainbow projection modes

Provided by Rainbow Projector Lights There are two projection modes, one is to turn on all the lights immediately, the other is to turn on the lights slowly one by one, choose as you like.

Suitable for home use and portability

The Unicorn Rainbow Atmosphere Light provides two power supply modes and supports both USB power supply and 4AAA batteries. It is convenient whether you want to serve as the atmosphere at home or take it out for use.

Auto off mode

The Unicorn Rainbow Atmosphere Light provides a ten-minute automatic sleep mode. When you are not using it for ten minutes, it will automatically turn off without wasting power.

Product parameters

Product size: 230*115*125cm

Power: 1W

Power supply: AV 6V DC 450mA USB power supply / 4 AAA batteries

Light source: LED light

Service life: more than 10,000 hours

Weight: 0.3kg

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