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  • 鋼鐵之心燈具擺件|合金支架款 - Nordeco HK

    Nordeco Computer Monitor Elevated Stand (RGB Luminous Base Model)

    Made of modular solid wood, you can use the Nordeco Home App to control the RGB light effects of the base to fully enhance the atmosphere of your desktop!

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  • 鋼鐵之心燈具擺件|磁力懸浮款 - Nordeco HK

    EleksTube IPS RGB pseudo-nixie tube clock

    Combining clocks and art, it has a variety of RGB lighting effects, a high-definition IPS screen, and you can use your mobile phone to customize pictures. It is the latest table product!

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  • NK模塊化獨立開關插座 - Nordeco HK

    Magnetic fluid creative rhythm light box

    Immerse yourself in a mind-blowing fusion of science, art and music with the Magnetic Fluid Creative Rhythm Lightbox. A mesmerizing liquid of magnetic nanoparticles that dances and responds to the rhythm of the music. The dynamic display adds a striking visual element to your listening experience.

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Nordeco Home

Smart home system

Nordeco has now launched a new smart home App that supports a variety of Nordeco smart products. You can use the same App to control different devices, supporting linkage, automation, voice control and other functions between devices, and supports IOS and Android systems.

*Not all products are supported, please see each product page for details.

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