Taiwan order arrangement

Product Information

All Nordeco products support Taiwan's voltage plug system.

When we see that the delivery address is Taiwan, we will automatically convert to Taiwan's voltage plug format, and customers do not need to make special remarks.

If you have special needs, please contact customer service.

Ezway App (Ezway App) real-name authentication

After placing an order in Taiwan, you need to register your real name on the Ezway App and provide the recipient's full Chinese name and ID number to Nordeco for customs declaration.

All personal data will be destroyed immediately after customs declaration and will not be used for other purposes.

After the customer places an order, Nordeco will first try to contact the customer via email, then SMS/Line and other tools to make arrangements. If the customer does not respond/fail to provide the required information, the goods will not be shipped, and Nordeco will not provide any compensation for delays and shipments caused by this reason.

*According to the requirements of the Taiwanese government, all imported goods require the recipient to register on EZ WAY for customs declaration. Please read this website for details. https://web.customs.gov.tw/multiplehtml/3150

Shipping details

Nordeco provides free home delivery services in Taiwan for most items, but the actual shipping charges may be adjusted at any time without any further notice.

Nordeco takes 1-3 working days to prepare for shipment after receiving the order.

shipping time

The free home delivery service takes about 8 - 14 working days, and the express delivery takes about 3 - 7 working days.

The actual delivery time will change due to many reasons. The above time is for reference only. Nordeco cannot guarantee the actual time and will not provide any compensation for delays and shipments caused by this reason.

Tracking number

Nordeco's packages are shipped by sea and air freight according to customer demand. The tracking number for these two shipping methods will only start tracking after the goods arrive at Taiwan Customs and are released. The tracking number is not updated mostly because the goods have not been released by customs, which is normal. If you have any inquiries, you can contact customer service at any time.


Because the goods are imported to Taiwan from overseas, the recipient may need to pay customs duties. Our company will not be responsible for any customs duties, nor will we accept fees caused by customs duties. If the customer does not pay customs duties, resulting in other additional costs, product damage/disappearance. The company will not make any refund or reissue arrangements.

According to Taiwan government regulations, all goods above NT$2,000 may be subject to customs duties.