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ZM solid wood notebook vertical stand

ZM solid wood notebook vertical stand

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Elegant Laptop Stand - Enhance your work environment, combining style and functionality

The ZM Solid Wood Laptop Stand is an exquisite accessory made of high-quality walnut or oak. Specially designed to be placed on your work desk, it not only enhances the overall atmosphere, but also provides excellent support for MacBook and various types of notebook computers. The base is sturdy and stable, with an adjustable thickness range of 11-21mm to meet the needs of computers of different sizes.


  1. Top-grade wood manufacturing : Our laptop stands are carefully crafted from top-grade walnut or oak, giving them an elegant wood sheen that adds a touch of sophistication to your work environment. Natural beauty meets modern look.

  2. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY : Designed to support MacBooks and various laptops, this stand is a versatile solution for professionals and creative workers. Thoughtful design ensures a perfect fit for a variety of laptops.

  3. Stable Base : The stand has a sturdy and stable base that provides stability and prevents shaking. Ensure your laptop has a secure foundation so you can work with confidence.

  4. Adjustable range thickness : With an adjustable thickness of 11-21mm, this stand can adapt to laptops of different sizes. Easily adjust the stand to provide a safe and stylish tabletop product.

  5. Enhance the ambience of your work environment : Enhance the overall ambience of your work environment with this elegant laptop stand. Its presence adds a lot of color to your desk, becoming a fashionable and practical accessory.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality and choose our elegant walnut laptop stand. Enhance your work environment with a stylish, stable and elegant laptop stand, specially designed for your MacBook and all types of laptops.

Adjustable thickness: 12-21mm

Weight: 720g

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