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Computer screen spaceship desk lamp|A pair of left and right light-tracking models (only supports Windows systems)

Computer screen spaceship desk lamp|A pair of left and right light-tracking models (only supports Windows systems)

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The computer screen spacecraft desk lamp is the same as the RGBIC computer screen backlight strip. It is controlled through the Skydimo system and is suitable for all Windows computer systems. You can easily install the program to enjoy the same screen backlight effect. No complicated settings are required, and your PC game will be improved immediately. and movie-going experience.

Special feature:

Same screen backlight effect

The spaceship desk lamp with the computer screen is developed using SkyDimo lighting software. It is suitable for most Windows operating systems (Mac is not supported). You only need to simply install the SkyDimo program on the computer and you can immediately control the backlight effect of the same screen. The SkyDimo program is designed to With Chinese and English user interfaces, anyone can easily get started.

Unique appearance design

A pair of computer screen spaceship table lamps are designed with a spaceship as the base of the table lamp. The base and the lamp body are also equipped with luminous RGB color areas. The lamp body is made of high-quality black steel and aluminum. Its smooth touch and variable RGB colors make it an indispensable item for gaming desktops.

A variety of colorful lighting changes to choose from

In addition to screen synchronization, The spaceship table lamp also has a variety of effects to choose from. For example, monochrome, marquee, illusion mode, music rhythm, etc. You can choose different colors and brightness according to your preferences.

music rhythm function

If you don’t want to synchronize the screen, you can also choose the music rhythm function of the spaceship desk lamp . When the computer plays music and movies, the lights can change with the ups and downs of the music, which is another kind of fun.

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