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Silent multifunctional electric screwdriver set

Silent multifunctional electric screwdriver set

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Introducing the electric precision screwdriver - your best partner for precision work!

Tired of the hassle of using a traditional screwdriver for your small electronic devices? Upgrade your toolbox and choose an electric precision screwdriver - a versatile power tool designed for precision and efficiency.

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main feature

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Silent working experience

The new silent working design allows you to enjoy a quiet working environment while concentrating on operation.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Forward and reverse button, button to stop

The forward and reverse button design is simple to operate. Release the button to achieve instant stop, providing a more flexible control experience and making operation more convenient.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

USB TYPE C charging, convenient and fast

The USB TYPE C charging interface makes charging more convenient and faster, ensuring that your work is not interrupted.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Dual LED lighting improves visibility

Equipped with dual LED lighting, it provides extra brightness to your work area, ensuring clear visibility in any environment and handling various details with ease.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

48 S2 alloy screw heads, extremely durable

Available with up to 48 S2 alloy screw heads, ensuring you have a long-lasting and efficient tool.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Built-in magnet for easy adsorption

The unique built-in magnetic design allows the screw heads to be easily absorbed, improving the convenience of operation and allowing you to cope with various challenges more easily.

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Why choose an electric precision screwdriver?

We believe in quality and innovation. The electric precision screwdriver embodies this commitment, offering the perfect combination of functionality and convenience. Upgrade your toolbox and experience the efficiency and convenience of an electric precision screwdriver!

Don't settle for less, invest in an electric precision screwdriver today and take your precision work to a whole new level. Order now and redefine the way you approach small electronics projects!

靜音多功能電動螺絲批套裝 - Nordeco HK

Product parameters

Material: S2 Alloy Voltage: DC 3.7
Charging parameters: Maximum 5V 2A
Product life: 180 minutes Dimensions: 17 cm * 7 cm

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