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Nordeco Smart Outdoor Eave Light

Nordeco Smart Outdoor Eave Light

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Product Details

Nordeco brings a new smart outdoor eave light experience!

Discover this mesmerizing smart outdoor eaves light that transforms your living environment into a magical space full of energy and colour! Easy installation steps allow you to give your home a colorful look in no time.

This smart outdoor canopy light has a high IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, making it weatherproof and suitable for various outdoor occasions, bringing you an incomparable sense of peace of mind. Its simple installation method allows you to instantly display diverse lighting effects by simply pasting it on the wall.

Equipped with Nordeco's exclusive RGBIC color-changing module and combined with the intelligent control Nordeco APP, you can easily adjust the color and mode of the light, unleash your creativity and create personalized lighting art. In addition, it supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Alice and other voice assistants, making it easy to control light and shadow through voice commands.

Let this smart outdoor eaves light integrate into your life, infusing fashion, comfort and convenience into your home environment. Feel the perfect fusion of music and lights to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere, making every moment a unique artistic journey!

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This product supports free delivery and self-pickup.

Self-pickup address: Room 504, 5th Floor, Shun Fat Industrial Building, 17 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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One year technical support and parts maintenance

Within 1 year from the time the order is delivered to the destination, except for customized products, our orders will support technical support and parts maintenance. Please check the return and exchange policy for details.

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Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Nordeco Smart Outdoor Eave Light

Nordeco's smart outdoor eaves lights instantly bring vitality and color to your living space, giving your house a colorful look with ease of installation. With IP67 high waterproof and dustproof rating, it is suitable for various outdoor occasions and brings you a great sense of peace of mind. Easy to install, simply stick it on the wall to instantly display diverse lighting effects. Equipped with Nordeco's exclusive RGBIC color-changing module, it can be intelligently controlled through the Nordeco APP to easily adjust the light color and mode. It supports voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Alice, and can easily control light and shadow through voice commands. Let this smart eaves lamp integrate into your life, infuse the home environment with fashion, comfort and convenience, feel the perfect integration of music and light, and make every moment a unique artistic journey!

Special feature

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Support Nordeco smart home system control and remote control

The smart outdoor eave light is equipped with Nordeco's latest smart home system - Nordeco Home. Through the smartphone App, you can easily control various light effects with one finger. Not only can the rich colors and brightness of the light strip be adjusted as desired, but also various change modes can be selected. This innovative technology not only supports iPhone, but is also widely compatible with Android systems, bringing you ultimate convenience. Breaking the constraints of traditional lighting, the intelligent home experience will be led by you, adding more fun to life. Wave your phone to light up the future and enjoy an unprecedented smart light and shadow journey!

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Support IP67 waterproof

Leading the latest trend in outdoor lighting!

This 15-meter-long smart outdoor eave light has IP67 waterproof protection, ensuring that you can enjoy colorful lighting effects in all weathers.

Adopting a unique easy adhesive installation design, no complicated drilling procedures are required, and the operation is simple and quick. This simple installation method is especially suitable for outdoor use and can be used in various occasions. Whether you're hosting a party, relaxing, or creating a stylish patio look, smart outdoor eaves lights are the perfect way to make a statement. This lighting device brings dazzling light to every moment and becomes an indispensable highlight in your life.

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Supports a variety of gradient and marquee effects

With the Nodeco Home App, wonderful lighting is at your fingertips.

Customize jumps, gradients, marquees, breathing lights and other colorful changes, and customize unique color styles as you like. Start a personalized lighting party now, integrate light and shadow into your life, and create a stunning and unique atmosphere.

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

music change function

Capture the rhythm of external music through your phone's microphone and instantly make the lights beat with the pulse of the music! This lamp is not only the best partner for parties and outdoor activities, but also an excellent choice to give the space a sense of style and a beautiful atmosphere when you play music and movies. Feel the magic of music and let lighting become the unique highlight of your occasion, infusing every moment with the beauty of light and shadow.

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Support timing and memory functions

The Nodeco Home App has a built-in timer function to customize the light on or off time, making smart lighting perfectly integrated with life.

Supports Siri shortcuts and Google Home voice operations, making it easy to enjoy the convenience of smart lighting. In addition to App control, the physical buttons on the controller also provide functions such as music control, monochrome mode, switching scenes, turning on or off, etc., allowing you to do whatever you want.

It also supports linkage automation functions with other smart lamps to achieve synchronous control of multiple smart lamps. Turn on a unique smart lighting experience and create a unique home atmosphere.

Nordeco 智能戶外屋簷燈 - Nordeco HK

Product parameters

Brand: Nordeco
Product length: 15 meters Number of bulbs: 30 Size: φ38*H21mm
Power: 36W
Lumens: 100LM

Connection method: WIFI 2.4GHZ/Bluetooth/RF433
Waterproof coefficient: IP67
Operating system: IOS and Android system

*App uses WIFI 2.4ghz connection. If the usage scenario does not provide WIFI, please use the remote controller to control it.

Intelligent lighting system

Nordeco Home

Nordeco smart lighting products are developed through the TUYA system. You can use the same APP to control multiple different products and enjoy the same experience.

IOS download link

Android download link

APP connection teaching

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  • USB color-changing light strip (Bluetooth model)

    The USB color-changing light strip uses Bluetooth technology and infrared remote control operation. It can be used even in places without Wi-Fi network, without worrying about reception problems.

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  • HomeKit light strip

    It supports the control of the native "Home" APP built into the iPhone, and can easily add home accessories, allowing you to control the lights with the iPhone's "Home" APP and Siri. You can control the color, dimming, switching and other functions of the light strip through Siri and iPhone. You can also use the scene mode to link with other smart products and create automated scene modes.

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common problem

Do smart outdoor canopy lights require WIFI to use?

Smart outdoor eaves lights require WIFI 2.4ghz connection.

Which mobile phones does the smart outdoor canopy light support?

Smart outdoor eaves lights support most smartphones, including iPhone and Android phones.

Do smart outdoor canopy lights support HomeKit?

Smart outdoor canopy lights do not natively support HomeKit, but can be connected through third-party software such as Homebridge. You can also choose to use our natively supported Nodeco Home link.

Can smart outdoor canopy lights be in single color or magic color?

Yes, the smart outdoor canopy light supports a variety of single color and magic color changes, and you can control it through the App.

Do smart outdoor canopy lights have remote control?

Yes, it can be controlled via mobile phone, remote control, or voice control.

Can smart outdoor eaves lights be trimmed?


Does the product comply with Hong Kong voltage?

Nordeco's products are all compliant with Hong Kong voltage 220V plugs and can be plugged in and used.

Is there maintenance on my order?

All products (except customized products) enjoy a 30-day return and exchange service. (*The product must have not been opened and used) Please read our return policy for details.

How can I pay?

We accept purchases by credit card (AE, VISA, MasterCard) or through Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Paypal, FPS, PAYME, bank transfer and on-site.

I don’t know how to connect to the App?

Please read our starry sky light connection tutorial and video. If there is anything you don’t understand, you are welcome to inquire at any time.


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