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Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp (up and down lighting type)

Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp (up and down lighting type)

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Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp adopts an innovative light source design. It has specially designed upper and lower adjustable lamp pieces. You can adjust the angle and size of the light as you like to create different shapes of atmosphere effects. It can be used at any time with the Nordeco Home smart home app. Control functions such as color, effects and timing control, and can also interact with other excellent Nordeco smart lighting products.

*The product requires drilling two holes in the wall to fix it, and you also need to connect the wires yourself.

The main function:

Innovative lamp opening and closing design

The Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp has two lamp pieces that can be opened and closed. You can adjust the different opening and closing angles to affect the light projection effect. The upper and lower lamp pieces can be independently controlled manually to create the effect you want.

Warm white light and RGB support

Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp supports both warm white light (2700-6500K color temperature) for daily lighting and RGB special light effects adjusted by a full color wheel. You can adjust the effect at any time using the Nordeco Home App.

Scene effects

Nordeco Home App presets a variety of special atmosphere lighting effects. You can choose from the preset effects according to your needs and change the atmosphere of your home and environment with one click.

music interaction

Nordeco mini full-color wall lamp supports music interactive effects. When there is music or sound in the environment, the light will follow. The ups and downs of the sound change, and when you install more than one wall light, you can feel your exclusive music and light show!

Support Nordeco smart home system

Full color wall light with other Nordeco Like smart lighting products, it supports various customized functions, such as timing mode and group mode control, etc., and can also be linked with other smart lighting fixtures.

easy installation

Installing the Nordeco mini full-color wall light is very simple. You only need to drill two holes in the wall to fix the wall light on the wall. Just wait until it is fixed and then connect the wires to power on. There are no complicated installation steps, and all the parts you need are included.

Product information:

Size: 10cm Cube power supply: 220v power supply Color temperature: 2700-6500k
Connection method: WIFI 2.4ghz
Operating system: IOS and Android system

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