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Magnetic absorption nano charging cable

Magnetic absorption nano charging cable

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Magnetic storage

Brand new magnetic storage data charging cable, this cable has built-in magnets, which can easily be automatically organized and conveniently stored. Say goodbye to tangled cords and keep your work environment tidy and organized.

This magnetic storage data charging cable not only makes wire management easier, but also focuses on durability and compatibility, ensuring that you can get a more convenient, fast, and neat charging and data transmission experience during use. Simple yet innovative, it’s an ideal choice for improving work efficiency and quality of life.

Special feature

Built-in magnet for easy organization

There are magnets inside the wire, making it easy to organize the wire. It can also be easily adsorbed on the surface of magnetic materials, making storage more convenient.

Tough and durable nylon material

The use of hard and durable nylon material ensures long-term use of the wire, is not easily damaged, and can withstand the pulling and bending in daily use.

Supports multiple plugs

The design considers diverse needs and supports a variety of plugs. Whether it is charging or data transmission, it can handle it easily and meet the needs of different devices.

60W fast charging, quickly full of power

With a 60W fast charging function, it can quickly charge a variety of compatible devices, saving you valuable time and ensuring that your devices always operate efficiently.

Product parameters

Length: 1 meter Plug: Optional USB-TYPEC-LIGHTING
Color: black/white/blue/silver/polka dot charging: fast charging 60W

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