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Creative Mosaic LED Digital Frame

Creative Mosaic LED Digital Frame

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Product Details

Nordeco 42W smart LED ceiling light (double-sided light source) is the first ceiling light product to support the Nordeco Home smart home system. It supports multiple functions controlled through the App and can also be controlled in conjunction with other Nordeco smart home products.

Nordeco 42W smart LED ceiling light is divided into two parts. The main light source supports 3000-6500K pure white light source. You can use the app and remote control to adjust the brightness at will. It is suitable for use in a space of 3-5 square meters as the main daily lighting source.

In addition, the Nordeco 42W smart LED ceiling lamp is also specially designed with a special RGB light source on the back that can be used as an atmosphere light. Different color changes and effects can be controlled through the Nordeco Home App, which can create wonderful atmosphere effects during indoor parties and watching movies.

Detailed product introduction:

Support Nordeco Home and remote control control

Developed using Nordeco's latest smart home system, Nordeco Home, you can use the smartphone app to control various light effects. In addition, it also supports the timer switch function to customize the time when the lights turn on or off. It also supports automation functions linked to other smart lamps. , can linkage and control multiple smart lamps simultaneously. Nordeco Home supports IOS and Android system control. You can use the App to control your ceiling lamp, and you can also use the included remote control to control main functions.

Pure white main light source

The main light source supports pure white light source of 3000-6500K , which can be used as the main daily lighting purpose. There are multiple preset modes in the App to choose from and can be controlled at any time.

Back RGB light source

The ceiling lamp is designed with a special RGB light source on the back that can be used as an atmosphere light. Different color changes and effects can be controlled through the Nordeco Home App. According to your needs, you can switch and control the main light source and the back light source independently at any time.

Easy installation

It is installed just like a traditional ceiling lamp. It is self-installed with a fixed bracket and then connected to the power supply. There are no complicated installation steps.

Timing/date/linkage control

You can control the ceiling lamp to automatically turn on/off at a specific time, day, and device linkage control, such as automatically turning off at 12 o'clock in the evening, automatically turning on when you get home, or automatically turning on when another Nordeco device is started, etc. wait. (Additional sensors may be required.)

Shipping details

This product supports free delivery and self-pickup.

Self-pickup address: Room 504, 5th Floor, Shun Fat Industrial Building, 17 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Maintenance details

One year technical support and parts maintenance

Within 1 year from the time the order is delivered to the destination, except for customized products, our orders will support technical support and parts maintenance. Please check the return and exchange policy for details.

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Address: Room 504, 5th Floor, Shun Fat Industrial Building, 17 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Whatsapp: +852 6446 7279

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Pixel art digital frame

The pixel art digital frame combines creativity and technology, and has multi-functional displays: creative graffiti, animation editing, alarm clock, stopwatch, scoreboard, etc., rich and diverse. It supports user-created pixel patterns, and there are many creative animations to choose from. Simple to set up, suitable for wall hanging or table setting. It can also be connected to Bluetooth apps to create unique display content, making it an excellent choice for creative designs and unique gifts. Add unlimited fun to your living space!

*The wall lamp model has four 8x8 pixel screens, which can be arranged in a square or rectangular arrangement.

Special feature

Many sources of creativity

There are a wealth of animations and pixel paintings in the app, created by different artists. Whether you are a game enthusiast or you like tranquil scenery, there is a choice for you here. It also supports users to create personalized pixel animations, use their creativity to design their own works.

Easy setup

Ready to use out of the box, easy to operate, no complicated settings required. The frame has a simple appearance, matte black texture, and is equipped with a stand that can be placed on the desktop. The spliced ​​version can also be hung on the wall to meet different placement needs.

A variety of functions

It has multiple functions such as creative graffiti, animation editing, alarm clock, time chime, stopwatch, countdown, scoreboard, preset bulletin board, lighting mode, music rhythm, etc. You can create your own pixel art however you like and set it up easily through the app.

unique gift

Not only a table decoration, but also a unique gift option. It's perfect as a gift for friends who like vintage computers or retro games, or as a surprise gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and other festivals. This rolling LED light box not only has clear patterns and flexible display, but also has upgraded 5V USB voltage technology to ensure low heat and safe touch. It is more suitable for electric vehicles, bringing a unique style to your driving life.

App smart control

You can control all functions through the smartphone App and set the effects you want as you like. The animation gallery will also be updated regularly, giving you a steady stream of visual effects.

Product parameters

Pixels: 16*16 / 32*32 (square)
Size: 200*200*24mm (desktop model) / 400*400*25mm (1+3 wall lamp model)
Lamp bead quantity: 256pcs (16*16)/ 1024pcs (32*32)
Power supply method: USB 5V2A (desktop model) / DC 24V (1+3 wall lamp)
Number of splicing blocks: 1+3
Connection: Bluetooth

  • match score

  • Timekeeping mode

  • musical groove

  • pattern alarm clock

  • animation mode

  • Image mode

  • time display

  • Color light mode

  • billboard

common problem

Does the creative mosaic LED pixel screen require WIFI to use?

The creative mosaic LED pixel screen uses Bluetooth connection and does not require WiFi.

Which mobile phone does the pixel screen support?

The screen fill light supports most smartphones, including iPhone and Android phones.

Is there a remote control for the pixel screen?


Does the pixel screen comply with Hong Kong's voltage?

Nordeco's products are all compliant with Hong Kong voltage 220V plugs and can be plugged in and used.

Is there maintenance on my order?

All products (except customized products) enjoy a 30-day return and exchange service. (*The product must have not been opened and used) Please read our return policy for details.

How can I pay?

We accept purchases by credit card (AE, VISA, MasterCard) or through Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Paypal, FPS, PAYME, bank transfer and on-site.

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  • free shipping

    All orders support free shipping (except commercial orders and customized orders).

  • One year maintenance

    All products (except commercial orders and customized orders) support one-year maintenance service.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Support credit card, bank transfer, FPS, PAYME, on-site purchase.