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Japanese precision 128 sets screwdriver storage combination

Japanese precision 128 sets screwdriver storage combination

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Powerful functions at your fingertips

Powerful 128-in-1 screwdriver set, including heads of various sizes to meet various repair needs. All precision heads are made of CR-V steel with a hardness exceeding HRC62° and are wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The durable tip resists wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use. Each head is engraved with the part number and size for quick identification.

The outer shell of this set has an ergonomic design, a tactile coating, and is waterproof, pressure-resistant, and moisture-resistant. Built-in magnet switch design, more convenient and practical. This set of screwdrivers contains 128 different types of heads (including cross, flat head, Torx, Pentalobe, Triwing, etc.) and is suitable for repairing laptops, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, sewing machines, air conditioners and heating and many household equipment. Whether you're a DIYer, repairman, hobbyist or professional, this set of tools can easily handle a variety of work challenges.

Special feature

Ultimate versatility

Experience unparalleled versatility with our 128-in-1 screwdriver set. From cross heads and flat heads to Torx, Pentalobe, Triwing and more, this tool box features 128 different precision heads, ensuring you're prepared for any task. Whether you're repairing a laptop, smartphone, gaming console or home appliance, our comprehensive set has the right tools for you.

Durable and precise

Made from CR-V steel, our precision heads are engineered for durability. With a hardness exceeding HRC62°, these heads are resistant to wear, oxidation and corrosion. Each head is engraved with the part number and size, ensuring quick identification, and the sturdy tip guarantees a long life, making it an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, the aluminum alloy handle is ergonomically designed with built-in magnets and a rotating cap, increasing your control and efficiency.

Innovative design

Our screwdriver sets not only offer a variety of head options, but are also designed for ease of use. The outer shell features a water-, pressure- and moisture-resistant exterior coating to ensure your tools are always in top condition. The magnetic switch design increases convenience, while included accessories like a double-ended crowbar, universal hose, stainless steel pliers, and demagnetizer make it a comprehensive solution for a variety of tasks. Equipped with features such as a magnetizing demagnetizer tool and a flexible extension shaft, it allows you to work efficiently in small spaces, making it the best choice for DIY enthusiasts, repairmen, hobbyists, and professionals.

Product parameters

Handle*1 (length: 120mm)
Universal tube*1 (length: 130mm)
Double-headed pry bar*2
Charging and degaussing device*1
Stainless steel double-headed pry bar*1
Electrophoresis stainless steel pliers*1
Number of bits: 120 (length: 28mm)

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